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A pilot randomized controlled trial comparing prenatal yoga to perinatal health education for antenatal depression
Archives of women's mental health
Short Title: Arch.Womens Ment.Health.
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2015
Pages: 543 - 547
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Notes: LR: 20180330; GR: R34 MH085053/MH/NIMH NIH HHS/United States; JID: 9815663; NIHMS724425; OTO: NOTNLM; 2015/08/05 00:00 [received]; 2015/08/26 00:00 [accepted]; 2015/09/20 06:00 [entrez]; 2015/09/20 06:00 [pubmed]; 2018/01/20 06:00 [medline]; ppublish
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We conducted a pilot randomized controlled trial (RCT) comparing a prenatal yoga intervention to perinatal-focused health education in pregnant women with depression. Findings document acceptability and feasibility of the yoga intervention: no yoga-related injuries were observed, instructors showed fidelity to the yoga manual, and women rated interventions as acceptable. Although improvements in depression were not statistically different between groups, they favored yoga. This study provides support for a larger scale RCT examining prenatal yoga to improve mood during pregnancy.