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A Pilot Study Examining the Effect of Mindfulness on Depression and Anxiety for Minority Children
Archives of Psychiatric Nursing
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2010/02//
Pages: 69 - 71
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The purposes of this pilot study were to address these limitations and to test the effect of mindfulness on depression and anxiety for minority children. Depressive and anxiety symptoms were examined. An experimental design was used comparing minority children who received mindfulness intervention (MI) to those who received health education intervention (HEI) immediately pre- and post-intervention. Eighteen children were recruited from a summer camp; one was lost to follow-up. The MI used a program designed specifically for children by Mindful Schools. This program includes attention to breath, mindful movement, and generosity. Data were analyzed using repeated-measures analysis of variance with one between factor and one repeated measures factor. There was a significant interaction between group and time for depressive symptoms. Children receiving mindfulness reported lower levels over time compared to those receiving health education. These results show promise for the use of mindfulness to decrease particularly depressive symptoms in minority children.