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The power-places of Central Tibet : the pilgrim's guide
Format: Miscellaneous
Publication Date: 1988
Publisher: Routledge & Kegan Paul
Place of Publication: New York
Sources ID: 120108
Visibility: Private
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An overview of some of the most important pilgrimage places in areas of Central Tibet. Starting out with a brief history of Tibet to the modern day, the author proceeds to describe the various special monasteries, caves, mountains and other sites in places such as Lhasa, Yarlung, Drikung, Chongye, Reteng, and Ganden. Accompanying the author's detailed cultural and historical descriptions are photos and numerous carefully drawn maps with place names written in phoneticized Tibetan. The appendices and back materials include additional information that provide a broader cultural and historical framework for understanding Tibet's holy places and landscape (e.g. Appendix I – The Suppine Demoness), as well as overviews of several additional sites that are unique or special in their own right (such as places connected to specific individuals or lineages of Tibetan Buddhism).