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Social and Emotional Learning: Recent Research and Practical Strategies for Promoting Children’s Social and Emotional Competence in Schools
Short Title: Social and Emotional Learning
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2016
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Social-emotional learning (SEL) in schools is a fast-growing field of research and practice that is aimed at teaching children and adolescents core social and emotional competencies that are linked to trajectories of health and success in life. This chapter reviews empirical evidence that supports the effectiveness of school-based SEL in achieving positive developmental outcomes (e.g., mental health, academic success) in children. We further explain how SEL can be taught in schools effectively and how schools can develop a sustainable approach to firmly integrate SEL into their curricula and day-to-day activities. We argue that critical next steps are teaching SEL to teachers for their own social-emotional development and providing training in SEL to preservice teachers in the context of teacher training programs, to adequately prepare them for their work as educators.