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Spirit-Mediums, Sacred Mountains and Related Bon Textual Traditions in Upper Tibet: Calling down the Gods
Format: Book (single author)
Publication Date: 200501/2005
Publisher: Brill
Place of Publication: Leiden
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This work encapsulates the full spectrum of extant Tibetan religious heritage. To date, no other ethnographic or literary source has demonstrated such an unmodified and rich juxtaposition of disparate cultural components. The main bodies of tradition (qualitatively and historically) represented include: Indigenous folk culture related to the physical and numinous environment of Upper Tibet, doctrinal material derived from Vajrayana, gCod cult practices, Gling ge-sar bardic content, and Phya-gshen elements specifically pertaining to dpyad (diagnosis), gto (beneficial rites) and the cult of dgra-lha (sgra-bla).

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xvi, 568 pp.