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A study of graduate nursing students' reflections on the art of Tibetan medicine
Nursing Science Quarterly
Short Title: Nurs Sci Q
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2015/04//
Pages: 156 - 161
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This global perspective column focuses on a humanbecoming hermeneutic study of first semester graduate nursing students' reflections on an art museum exhibit titled; Bodies in Balance: The Art of Tibetan Medicine. The research question that guided the study was "what is the emerging meaning of living balance as depicted in the exhibit? The students' essays were interpreted in light of the humanbecoming perspective. The essays were summarized and yielded four themes; surprising and amazing, interconnectedness of all things, unexpected elements and commonalities, and attention to daily living. Parse's three core knowings of living quality (fortifying wisdom, discerning witness and penetrating silence) were considered with the emergent meanings from the students' essays on living balance as depicted in The Art of Tibetan Medicine exhibit. This study showed the use of art in the teaching about global health in graduate nursing education.