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Tibetan Literature: Studies in Genre
Format: Book (multiple authors)
Publication Date: 199601/1996
Publisher: Snow Lion
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Table of Contents: 

<b>History and Biography</b> : Tibetan Historiography / Leonard W. J. van der Kuijp -- The Lives of Indian Buddhist Saints: Biography,

Hagiography and Myth / James Burnell Robinson

<b>Canonical Texts</b> : A Brief History of the Tibetan bKa' 'gyur / Paul Harrison -- The Canonical Tantras of the New Schools / Tadeusz Skorupski -- Sūtra Commentaries in Tibetan Translation / Jeffrey D. Schoening -- Tibetan Commentaries on Indian Śāstras / Joe Bransford

Wilson -- The Literature of Bon / Per Kvaerne -- Drawn from the Tibetan Treasury: The gTer ma Literature / Janet B. Gyatso

<b>Philosophical Literature</b> : The Tibetan Genre of Doxography: Structuring a

Worldview / Jeffrey Hopkins -- bsDus grwa Literature / Shunzo Onoda -- Debate Manuals (Yig cha) in dGe lugs Monastic Colleges / Guy Newland -- Polemical Literature (dGag lan) – Donald S. Lopez, Jr.

<b>Literature on the Paths</b> : The bsTan rim ("Stages of the Doctrine") and Similar

Graded Expositions of the Bodhisattva's Path / David Jackson -- Mental Purification (Blo sbyong): A Native Tibetan Genre

of Religious Literature / Michael J. Sweet -- The Metaphors of Liberation: Tibetan Treatises on Grounds and Paths / Jules B. Levinson -- gDams ngag: Tibetan Technologies of the Self / Matthew Kapstein

<b>Ritual</b> : Literature on Consecration (Rab gnas) / Yael Bentor -- Offering (mChod pa) in Tibetan Ritual Literature / John Makransky -- Sādhana (sGrub thabs): Means of Achievement for

Deity Yoga / Daniel Cozort -- Firm Feet and Long Lives: The Zhabs brtan Literature

of Tibetan Buddhism / José Ignacio Cabezón

<b>Literary Arts</b> : The Gesar Epic of East Tibet / Geoffrey Samuel -- "Poetry" in Tibet: Glu, mGur, sNyan ngag and "Songs

of Experience" / Roger R. Jackson -- Tibetan Belles-Lettres: The Influence of Daṇḍin and

Kṣemendra / Leonard W. J. van der Kuijp -- The Tibetan Novel and Its Sources / Beth Newman

<b>Non-Literary Arts and Sciences</b> : Influence of Indian Vyākaraṇa on Tibetan Indigenous

Grammar / P. C. Verhagen -- Tibetan Legal Literature: The Law Codes of the

dGa' ldan pho brang / Rebecca R. French -- The Origin of the rGyud bzhi: A Tibetan Medical

Tantra / Todd Fenner -- Tibetan Literature on Art / Erberto Lo Bue

<b>Guidebooks and Reference Works</b> : Itineraries to Sambhala / John Newman -- Tables of Contents (dKar chag) / Dan Martin.

Thematic Volumes