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Traditional Tibetan medicine in China: an overview of current status and prospects
Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine
Short Title: Chin J Integr MedTraditional Tibetan medicine in China
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2015/01//
Pages: 67 - 70
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OBJECTIVE: To introduce and explore the current status and prospects of traditional Tibetan medicine (TTM) in China.METHODS: Government websites, national statistics, and authoritative papers from journal and government daily were fully searched. Further data were gathered by related experts. RESULTS: With the implementation of policies on growing TTM, there have been improvements in TTM's health care, scientific research, education, and pharmacy industry. TTM hospitals contribute to the health service system in Tibet Autonomous Region and other four Tibetan regions; TTM education has been incorporated into national education system in China; the number of scientific researches on TTM funded by the government is increasing year by year; Tibetan medicines become available to more people with the development of TTM pharmacy industry. CONCLUSION: TTM is well preserved and developed in China, and more efforts should be taken to promote its spread and development.