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Treatment for Intimate Violent Offenders
Family Violence
Format: Book Chapter
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: American Counseling Association
Place of Publication: Alexandria, VA, USA
Pages: 117 - 138
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Until recently, the literature on treatment for intimate partner violence (IPV) offenders largely has focused on male partner‐abusers. Few studies have been conducted on treatment effectiveness with female IPV. As a result, much of discussion in this chapter focuses on the treatments that have been developed for male partner‐abusers and then adapted for females and same‐sex couples. Cognitive‐behavioral therapy (CBT) and feminist‐based psychoeducation approaches are addressed first, followed by psychodynamic and interpersonal models of treatment, and more recent integrated approaches that include motivational approaches such as motivational interviewing. Couples treatment versus group treatment is also addressed. It is important to note that treatments will vary for groups, couples, and individuals on the basis of offenders' experiences with issues such as oppression, racism, and prior victimization.