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Tsong-Kha-Pa's Final Exposition of Wisdom
Format: Book
Publication Year: 2008
Publisher: Snow Lion Publications
Place of Publication: Ithaca, N.Y.
Pages: 410
Sources ID: 21165
Visibility: Private
Zotero Collections: Tibetan Buddhism
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This book first presents the final exposition of special insight by Tsong-kha-pa, the founder of the Ge-luk-pa order of Tibetan Buddhism, in his 'Medium-Length Exposition of the Stages of the Path', as well as the sections on the object of negation and ont he two truths in his 'Illumination of the Thought: Extensive Explanation of (Chandrakirti's) "Supplement to (Nagarjuna's) 'Treatise on the Middle.'"' It then details the views of his predecessor Dol-på-pa Shay-rap Gyel-tsen, the seminal author of philosophical treatises of the Jo-nang-pa order, as found in his 'Mountain Doctrine', followed by an analysis of Tsong-kha-pa's reactions. By contrasting the two systems - Dol-på-pa's doctrine of other-emptiness and Tsong-kha-pa's doctrine of self-emptiness - both views emerge more clearly, contributing to a fuller picture of reality as viewed in Tibetan Buddhism.

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