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Two Early Sources for the History of the House of Sde-dge
The Journal of the Tibet Society
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 198800/1988
Publisher: The Tibet Society
Place of Publication: Bloomington
Pages: 1-20
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In this article van der Kuijp compares Tibetan sources for the history of the royal family of Degé (sde dge). Two biographies written by a monk named Ugyenpa (u rgyan pa) in 1295 and 1304 respectively seem to be source material (either directly or indirectly) for several later genealogies, including the Sde dge'i rgyal rabs (Royal Annals of Sde-dge), completed in 1828 by Tsewang dorjé rigdzin (tshe dbang rdo rje rig 'dzin). Some of these texts trace the lineage from pre-imperial Tibet, and subsequently down through the Mgar, or 'Gar, clan. (Ben Deitle 2006-02-03)