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Understanding Sustainability Through the Lens of Ecocentric Radical-Reflexivity: Implications for Management Education
Journal of Business Ethics
Short Title: J Bus EthicsUnderstanding Sustainability Through the Lens of Ecocentric Radical-Reflexivity
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2017/01/13/
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This paper seeks to contribute to the debate around sustainability by proposing the need for an ecocentric stance to sustainability that reflexively embeds humans in—rather than detached from—nature. We argue that this requires a different way of thinking about our relationship with our world, necessitating a (re)engagement with the sociomaterial world in which we live. We develop the notion of ecocentrism by drawing on insights from sociomateriality studies, and show how radical-reflexivity enables us to appreciate our embeddedness and responsibility for sustainability by bringing attention to the interrelationship between values, actions and our social and material world. We examine the implications of an ecocentric radically reflexive approach to sustainability for management education.