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Yoga for children in the mirror of the science: working spectrum and practice fields of the training of relaxation with elements of yoga for children
Early Child Development and Care
Short Title: Yoga for children in the mirror of the science
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2004
Pages: 371 - 377
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The latest research work showed a clear increase in stress consequences for younger children related to experience, behaviour and health (among other things, fear to fail and psychosomatic disorders). In contrast, only a few stress‐handling programmes are available specifically for children; a large part covers stress‐handling training courses orientated to behaviour and cognition. The aim of the Training of Relaxation with Elements of Yoga for Children technique introduced and evaluated is the communication of self‐control and relaxation based on experience using breathing exercises, imagination journeys and specifically selected yoga techniques for children. This stress‐handling programme has been investigated by means of a test/control/group design with 48 pupils of the fifth grade. During a pre/post comparison with three measuring times one could give proof that the training will increase emotional balance in the long term and reduce fears. Feelings of helplessness and aggression were clearly reduced. Beyond this, the participants transferred the learned breathing techniques and self‐instructions to situations beyond school, in order to relax after the lessons, to improve well‐being and to control negative feelings. The effects found out here indicate that yoga is suited for children as an independent control method.