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To study the chemical constituents of <ce:italic>Saussurea eopygmaea</ce:italic>. The chemical constituents were isolated and purified by various chromatographic techniques. Their structures were determined on the basis of physical properties and spectroscopic data. Seventeen compounds were isolated and elucidated as octacosyl alcohol ( <ce:bold>1</ce:bold>), hexatriacontanol ( <ce:bold>2</ce:bold>), umbelliferone ( <ce:bold>3</ce:bold>), scopoletin ( <ce:bold>4</ce:bold>), isoscopoletin ( <ce:bold>5</ce:bold>), 1, 3, 7, 8-tetrahydroxyxanthone ( <ce:bold>6</ce:bold>), cinnamic acid ( <ce:bold>7</ce:bold>), stigmasterol ( <ce:bold>8</ce:bold>), campesterol ( <ce:bold>9</ce:bold>), cholesterol ( <ce:bold>10</ce:bold>), β-sitosterol ( <ce:bold>11</ce:bold>), apigenin ( <ce:bold>12</ce:bold>), acacetin ( <ce:bold>13</ce:bold>), deacylcynaropicrin ( <ce:bold>14</ce:bold>), kandavanolide ( <ce:bold>15</ce:bold>), acetylation of kandavanolide ( <ce:bold>16</ce:bold>) and robustaflavone 4′, 4″'-dimethyl ether ( <ce:bold>17</ce:bold>). Compounds <ce:bold>1</ce:bold>- <ce:bold>13</ce:bold> and <ce:bold>15</ce:bold>- <ce:bold>17</ce:bold> were isolated from the title plant for the first time.