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<p>In this short article, Templeman reviews the historical writings of Tāranātha (tA ra nA tha), particularly his work on the Siddhas of India, the <em>Bka' babs bdun ldan gyi brgyud pa'i rnam thar ngo mtshar rmad du byung ba rin po che'i khungs lta bu'i gtam</em>, and his history of the cult of Tārā, the <em>Sgrol ma'i rgyud kyi byung khungs gsal bar byed pa'i lo rgyus gser gyi 'phreng ba</em>. Templeman argues that Tāranātha's writings, while often fantastic, are nonetheless a critical resource for the study of the history of Buddhism. (Ben Deitle 2006-01-27)</p>