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Tibetan medicine Asteris Flos is the flowers of Aster souliei, A. flaccidus, and A. asteroides, with the function of clearing away heat and toxic matter, relieving cough, and removing phlegm. In order to control the quality of Asteris Flos, the morphological and chemical methods were established for identification of three origins. The morphological features of three species were described and photographed, and the microscopic characteristics of three drug powders were also described in detail and pictured. The results showed that three origins of Asteris Flos could be easily distinguished by their macro- and micro-morphologic features, and a key for distinguishing the three origins was given. Moreover, a TLC method, with apigenin-7-O-β-D-glucurono pyranoside and chlorogenic acid as chemical references, was also established for the identification of three origins. The results showed that the TLC chromatograms of the flowers of A. souliei and A. flaccidus were very similar, but different from that of A. asteroides. The established macroscopic, powder microscopic and TLC methods for identification of three origins of AF were simple, accurate, and reproducible, and also effective and easy to operate.

"Zuotai" is one of the main raw material of many rare Tibetan medicine, and it plays a important role in the system of Tibetan medicine. There are some toxic heavy metals in "Zuotai", such as Hg, Au, Pb and so on. As a result, it's urgent to study the safety and effectiveness of "Zuotai" in depth. This paper will analyze and induce the resent progress of the study about "Zuotai". With constipation, "Zuotai" and "Zuotai" as key words, CNKI, CHINAINFO, CQVIP were retrieved, Springer were retrieved besides. Relevant 86 references were obtained. Twenty-two for reference were adopted through screening. The paper reviewed the resent progress of the study about "Zuotai" in chemical composition, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, toxicology and clinical application. This will establish the basis for further study.