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<b>Publisher's Description:</b> Graham E. Clarke, Oxford University, organized a panel for the 7th Seminar of the IATS and edited and prepared this volume on economic, social and environmental changes in Tibet since 1978. Here, experienced Western, Chinese and Tibetan scholars present original case studies and general analysis of the anthropological, economic, and natural resources, as well as the sociological dimension of development and change in eastern and central Tibet. The papers point out the tension and compromise between the unusual and diverse features of the people and environment, and the administrative and economic pressure that results from a uniform developmental strategy. An extended introductory essay links Tibet to the wider intellectual and historical debate on progress and the environment. This important new work breaks fresh ground on the delicate situation of Tibet, and will be essential reading for those concerned with a balanced and objective assessment of Tibet's present and future development.

<p>The article discusses relationships in Yolmo (Tibetan name for a small region in Central Nepal) between peoples labeled Lama or Tamang. The focus of the study is the relationships as defined by lineage and village traditions. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004-04-12)</p>

<p>A review by Graham E. Clarke of A. W. Macdonald, ed., <em>Les Royaumes de l'Himalaya</em>.</p>

<p>A review by Graham E. Clarke of Rohit Vohra, <em>The Religion of the Dards in Ladakh: Investigations into Their Pre-Buddhist 'Brog-pa Traditions</em>.</p>