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<p><strong>Publisher's Description:</strong> This volume focuses on the interface between Mongolian and Tibetan cultures and aims to create a platform to encourage the development of new forms of scholarship across geographical and disciplinary boundaries. This forum lets new materials emerge and brings to the fore a variety of different approaches to studying Mongolian and Tibetan cultures and societies. The papers in this volume deal not only with the substantial Mongolian contribution to and engagement with Tibetan Buddhism, but also with multiple readings of shared history and religion, reconstruction of traditions, shifting ethnic boundaries and the broader political context of the Mongolian-Tibetan relationship.</p>

<p>The article looks at the architectural features of Khumbo communities. The Khumbo are a Tibetan speaking group living in northeast Nepal. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004-04-26)</p>

<p>Hildegard Diemberger provides an in-depth review of Kurtis R. Schaeffer, <em>The Culture of the Book in Tibet</em> (Bill McGrath 2010-05-13).</p>

This volume brings together papers dedicated to issues of territory as it relates to culture, language, and history. The volume is divided into sections by region, covering the cultural areas of central Tibet, eastern Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and north-west India. This is the ninth publication of papers presented at the ninth seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies. It is dedicated to Anne-Marie Blondeau and features two short pieces on her life and work. (Ben Deitle 2006-03-28)