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"Bangjian" were traditional Tibetan medicine-flowers from Gentianaceae, which were widely used and had a long medicinal history for the function of detoxifying, curing heat symptoms and treating the laryngitis. The Tibetan compound preparation endowed SFDA approval number always used Bangjian aas the main raw materials for relieving cough, asthma and treating respiratory diseases such as acute and chronic bronchitis. Its commodity medicinal materials were also sold in Qinghai, Sichuan, Tibet and other local medicinal materials market and local specialty marke. However, when recorded by literatures of Tibetan medicine, Bangjian were often classified into white, blue and black or white, blue and variegated according to color of flowers, leading to disordered varieties. In this paper, different Bangjian including their original plants and the main application varieties were studied and authenticated by textual research, wild specimen collection, investigation and collection of samples from Tibetan hospitals´╝îTibetan pharmaceutical factories and medical material markets. Results showed that Bangjian-including blue, black and variegated flowers were originated from 14 species and 3 varietas according to literatures, and the main application varieties mainly come from Ser. Ornatae of Sect. Monopodiae, such as Gentiana veitchiorum for the most, G. sino-ornata as well as G. lawrencei var. farreri. Suggestion about establishing the quality standard of Bangjian was gived, which provided reference in reasonable use and scientific research for Bangjian, and also had practical value for its clinical use and development.