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<p>The <em>Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies</em> (JIATS) is an online, scholarly, peer-reviewed journal. JIATS is an official publication of the International Association of Tibetan Studies (IATS) and is hosted by the <a href="">Tibetan and Himalayan Library</a>, which presents collaborative projects in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies over the web. (Than Garson 2005-09-20)</p>

<p>This is the first issue of the <em>Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies</em>, edited by José Cabezón and released in October, 2005. (Than Garson 2005-09-22)</p>

The Lhasa Project aims at documenting the contemporary neighborhoods of Lhasa, including their histories, using mapping, visual documentation, textual research and oral histories. The initiative consists of many distinct projects with separate administration. Some of the major projects include the Sera project, the Lingkor project, the Meru Monastery project, and others.