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<p>This is an English translation of the treasure text (<em>gter ma</em>) <em>Rdo rje nyi ma'i gnas yig gsang ba'i dkar chag</em>. The text gives fantastic accounts of the creation of the sacred sites in the area called Chöten nyima (<em>mchod rten nyi ma</em>), or Dorjé nyima (<em>rdo rje nyi ma</em>), a popular pilgrimage destination in the border area of Tibet and Sikkim. It was revealed by Rigdzin Gökyi demtruchen (<em>rig 'dzin rgod kyi ldem 'phru can</em>). The introduction presents information on this famous treasure revealer (<em>gter ston</em>), as well as on the area described in the text. The Tibetan text is given together with the translation. (Ben Deitle 2006-02-15)</p>