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The article presents the case of a patient who was practising Yoga (Kunjal kriya) which led to dental erosion. Dental erosion can be due to extrinsic or intrinsic causes. The intrinsic causes include vomiting due to anorexia nervosa, regurgitation due to abnormality in gastro-intestinal tract or rumination. A 38-year-old male patient presented with a rare aetiology of dental erosion. He had practiced kunjal kriya one of the yogic exercises described in ancient India. In kunjal kriya the patient vomits on an empty stomach in order to clean his or her gastro-intestinal tract. The patient had practiced this form of exercise for over 12 years which had led to severe dental erosion. A proper case history should be evaluated for every patient so that they can be counselled for any factors that could be detrimental to dental health. Early diagnosis is paramount in recognising the aetiology of dental erosion so that detrimental effects on the dentition can be prevented.