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Soles of the Feet for Students (SOF) has demonstrated effectiveness at increasing academic engagement among general education students. This work intended to replicate and extend previous work by exploring the effectiveness and social validity of SOF among students receiving special education services, who had low levels of academic engagement and high levels of disruptive classroom behavior, in a public school setting. This study utilized a multiple baseline single-subject design. Four students (grades 4–7) were taught SOF over the course of five 20–30-min sessions. Direct observation data of student academically engaged behavior were collected during baseline and post intervention study phases. Students and teachers also completed social validity questionnaires. Following SOF training, all four students demonstrated improved mean levels of academically engaged behavior. Students and teachers also reported that SOF was an acceptable, feasible, and effective intervention. SOF offers a brief and effective manualized intervention to increase student academic engagement, and conversely reduce classroom disruptive behavior, for students receiving special education services.