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In the present clinical trial, two groups of patients of metabolic syndrome have been studied to evaluate the therapeutic and antidyslipidaemic effect of Ayurvedic herbs and Yogic exercises. The group A of 25 patients was given Lashunadi compound containing equal quantity of Lashuna (A ilium sativum Linn.), Gugullu (Commiphora wightii Hook.Ex. Stocks Engl) and Isabgol (Plantago ovate Forsk.) husk in the dosage of 6 gm, twice daily with lukewarm water. The group B of 25 patients was advised yoga therapy. The trial was conducted for two months and lipid and anthropometric profiles (body weight, body mass index & skin fold thickness) were periodically evaluated to assess the therapeutic and antidyslipidaemic effects of drugs under trial. At the end of the trial, group A exhibited its therapeutic and antidyslipidaemic efficiency over the group B.