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<p>The article discusses community penetration and subjection of labor to merchant capital in a Newar town in west central Nepal. The article takes its basis from Blaikie's work and V. I. Lenin's views. (Rajeev Ranjan Singh 2007-02-09)</p>

<p>The article is a comparative study of South Asian caste and Mediterranean citizenship in the development of the classes and the state. The article discusses the development of states within lineage. (Rajeev Ranjan Singh 2007-02-15)</p>

<p>The article is a review by Stephen L. Mikesell of Robert I. Levy's <em>Mesocosm, Hinduism, and the Organization of a Traditional Newar City in Nepal</em>. It is a critique of Levi's theory of the urban mesocosm.</p>