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Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP; Kohlenberg & Tsai, 1991) aims to improve interpersonal relationships through skills intended to increase closeness and connection. The current trial assessed a brief mindfulness-based intervention informed by FAP, in which an interpersonal element was added to a traditional intrapersonal mindfulness practice. Undergraduate students (N=104) were randomly assigned to a basic intrapersonal meditation, the same meditation with the addition of a FAP-informed interpersonally-based exercise, or a control group. Follow-up assessments were given at post-intervention, and 48 hours and 2 weeks. Results indicated that for those in the interpersonal group, self-reported connectedness with others in the room increased, and experiential avoidance decreased. However, there were no significant changes in general connectedness with others, mindfulness or intimacy. Future studies might increase the length and depth of this intervention, and assess clinical benefits of adding an interpersonal element to mindfulness-based interventions.