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A manuscript of Tibetan medicine, P. t.1054 is recorded in the Volume 10 of Dunhuang Tibetan Manuscripts Preserved in France, which is written in 4 pattra-leaf-like rectangular papers connected together. The content in the front side is the pulse-taking of Tibetan medicine, and the back, on prescription. For the pulse-taking, it deals with the manifestations, time and position for pulse-taking, paradoxical and death pulse. There is no information about the title, author, editor, translator, copyist or collector.

<p>This experimental study looked at changes in the oscillation of heart rate of individuals doing Chinese Chi or Kundalini Yoga meditations. Heart rate oscillation during meditation was significantly greater than during the pre-meditation control measure as well as compared to three other comparison groups. The authors suggest that the results challenge the assumption of meditation as only an autonomically quiescent state. (Zach Rowinski 2005-03-05)</p>