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Pordié L.  Submitted.  An anthropological equivoque. Researchers' engagement and knowledge production -- Comment on "Coproducing efficacious medicines" (Current Anthropology, 2015).
Pordié L.  Submitted.  Buddhism in the Everyday Medical Practice of the Ladakhi Amchi (Indian Anthropologist, 2007).
Pordié L.  Submitted.  Claims for Intellectual Property Rights and the Illusion of Conservation: A Brief Anthropological Unpacking of a 'Development' Failure. Wise Practices in Sustainably Managing Himalayan Medicinal Plants.
Pordié L.  Submitted.  Genealogy and Ambivalence of a Therapeutic Heterodoxy. Islam and Tibetan Medicine in North-western India. Modern Asian Studies. 49(06):1-36.
Pordié L.  Submitted.  Hijacking Intellectual Property Rights: Identities and Social Power in the Indian Himalayas (Routledge, 2008). Tibetan Medicine in the Contemporary World. Global Politics of Medical Knowledge and Practice, edited by Laurent Pordié..
Pordié L.  Submitted.  Knowledge and Skills in Motion. Layers of Tibetan Medical Education in India (Culture, Medicine & Psychiatry, 2014).
Pordié L.  Submitted.  The Politics of Therapeutic Evaluation in Asian Medicine (Economic & Political Weekly, 2010).
Pordié L.  Submitted.  Reformulating Ingredients: Outlines Of A Contemporary Ritual For The Consecration Of Medicines In Ladakh. Anthropological Perspectives on Continuity and Change. :153-174.
Pordié L.  Submitted.  Regional conflicts, collective identities and the neutrality of the clinical encounter: A note on tibetan Medicine in Ladakh (Vajra Publications, 2015).
Quet M, Pordié L, Bochaton A, Chantavanich S, Kiatying-Angsulee N, Lamy M, Vungsiriphisal P.  Submitted.  Regulation Multiple: Pharmaceutical Trajectories and Modes of Control in the ASEAN. Science, Technology and Society. 23(3):485-503.
Pordié L.  Submitted.  Spaces of Connectivity, Shifting Temporality. Enquiries in Transnational Health (European Journal of Transnational Studies, 2013).
Pordié L.  Submitted.  Tibetan Medicine Today: Neo-traditionalism as an Analytical Lens and a Political Tool (Routledge, 2008). Tibetan Medicine in the Contemporary World. Global Politics of Medical Knowledge and Practice, edited by Laurent Pordié..
Pordié L.  Submitted.  The Vagaries of Therapeutic Globalization. Fame, Money and Social Relations in Tibetan Medicine. International Journal of Social Science Studies. 4(2)
Adams V, J. Brosius P, Cuomu M, Dhondup R, Lassiter LEric, Millard C, Pordié L.  2015.  Comments.. Current Anthropology. 56(2):193-198.
Pordié L, Hardon A.  2015.  Drugs' stories and itineraries. On the making of Asian industrial medicines. Anthropology & Medicine. 22(1):1-6.
Pordié L, Blaikie C.  2014.  Knowledge and Skill in Motion: Layers of Tibetan Medical Education in India. Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry. 38(3):340-368.
Pordié L.  2014.  Learning institutions in South asian medicine. Culture, Medicine & Psychiatry. 38(3):335-339.
Pordié L.  2011.  Asian therapeutic knowledge and globalization. Revue d'anthropologie des connaissances. Vol. 5, n° 1(1):a-j.
Pordié L.  2011.  Saberes terapeuticos asiaticos y globalización. Revue d'anthropologie des connaissances. 5, 1:I.


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