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Abercrombie HC, Kalin NH, Davidson RJ.  0.  Acute cortisol elevations cause heightened arousal ratings of objectively nonarousing stimuli. Emotion (Washington, D.C.). 5(3):354-359.
Irwin W, Anderle MJ, Abercrombie HC, Schaefer SM, Kalin NH, Davidson RJ.  0.  Amygdalar interhemispheric functional connectivity differs between the non-depressed and depressed human brain. NeuroImage. 21(2):674-686.
Pizzagalli DA, Nitschke JB, Oakes TR, Hendrick AM, Horras KA, Larson CL, Abercrombie HC, Schaefer SM, Koger JV, Benca RM et al..  0.  Brain electrical tomography in depression: the importance of symptom severity, anxiety, and melancholic features. Biological Psychiatry. 52(2):73-85.
Abercrombie HC, Kalin NH, Thurow ME, Rosenkranz MA, Davidson RJ.  0.  Cortisol variation in humans affects memory for emotionally laden and neutral information. Behavioral Neuroscience. 117(3):505-516.
Abercrombie HC, Davidson RJ, Kern S, Kirschbaum C.  0.  Cortisol's effects on hippocampal activation in depressed patients are related to alterations in memory formation. Journal of Psychiatric Research. 45(1):15-23.
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Fox AS, Abercrombie HC, Shelton SE, Oakes TR, Davidson RJ, Kalin NH.  0.  Subgenual prefrontal cortex activity predicts individual differences in hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal activity across different contexts. Biological Psychiatry. 67(2):175-181.