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Dalton K.M, Davidson R.J.  0.  The concurrent recording of electroencephalography and impedance cardiography: effects on EEG. Psychophysiology. 34(4):488-493.
Rogers J., Fox A.S, Shelton S.E, Davidson R.J, Kalin N.H.  0.  CRHR1 genotypes, neural circuits and the diathesis for anxiety and depression. Molecular Psychiatry. 18(6):700-707.
Ekman P., Davidson R.J, Friesen W.V.  0.  The Duchenne smile: emotional expression and brain physiology. II. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 58(2):342-353.
Benca R.M, Obermeyer W.H, Larson C.L, Yun B., Dolski I., Kleist K.D, Weber S.M, Davidson R.J.  0.  EEG alpha power and alpha power asymmetry in sleep and wakefulness. Psychophysiology. 36(4):430-436.
Davidson R.J.  0.  EEG measures of cerebral asymmetry: conceptual and methodological issues. The International Journal of Neuroscience. 39(1-2):71-89.
Davidson R.J, Schaffer C.E, Saron C..  0.  Effects of lateralized presentations of faces on self-reports of emotion and EEG asymmetry in depressed and non-depressed subjects. Psychophysiology. 22(3):353-364.
Davidson R.J, Saron C., McClelland D.C.  0.  Effects of personality and semantic content of stimuli on augmenting and reducing in the event-related potential. Biological Psychology. 11(3-4):249-255.
Davidson R.J, Saron C., McClelland D.C.  0.  Effects of personality and semantic content of stimuli on augmenting and reducing in the event-related potential. Biological Psychology. 11(3-4):249-255.
Davidson R.J, Jackson D.C, Kalin N.H.  0.  Emotion, plasticity, context, and regulation: perspectives from affective neuroscience. Psychological Bulletin. 126(6):890-909.
Paradiso S., Robinson R.G, Andreasen N.C, Downhill J.E, Davidson R.J, Kirchner P.T, Watkins G.L, Ponto L.L, Hichwa R.D.  0.  Emotional activation of limbic circuitry in elderly normal subjects in a PET study. The American Journal of Psychiatry. 154(3):384-389.
Shelton S.E, Alexander A.L, Davidson R.J, Fox A.S, Kalin N.H.  0.  Evolutionarily conserved prefrontal-amygdalar dysfunction in early-life anxiety. Molecular Psychiatry. 19(8):915-922.
Hejmadi A., Davidson R.J, Rozin P..  0.  Exploring Hindu Indian emotion expressions: evidence for accurate recognition by Americans and Indians. Psychological Science. 11(3):183-187.
Schaffer C.E, Davidson R.J, Saron C..  0.  Frontal and parietal electroencephalogram asymmetry in depressed and nondepressed subjects. Biological Psychiatry. 18(7):753-762.
Tomarken A.J, Davidson R.J.  0.  Frontal brain activation in repressors and nonrepressors. Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 103(2):339-349.
Wheeler R.E, Davidson R.J, Tomarken A.J.  0.  Frontal brain asymmetry and emotional reactivity: a biological substrate of affective style. Psychophysiology. 30(1):82-89.
Kang D.H, Davidson R.J, Coe C.L, Wheeler R.E, Tomarken A.J, Ershler W.B.  0.  Frontal brain asymmetry and immune function. Behavioral Neuroscience. 105(6):860-869.
Davidson R.J, Fox N.A.  0.  Frontal brain asymmetry predicts infants' response to maternal separation. Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 98(2):127-131.
Pizzagalli D.A, Oakes T.R, Fox A.S, Chung M.K, Larson C.L, Abercrombie H.C, Schaefer S.M, Benca R.M, Davidson R.J.  0.  Functional but not structural subgenual prefrontal cortex abnormalities in melancholia. Molecular Psychiatry. 9(4):325,393-405.
Pivik R.T, Broughton R.J, Coppola R., Davidson R.J, Fox N., Nuwer M.R.  0.  Guidelines for the recording and quantitative analysis of electroencephalographic activity in research contexts. Psychophysiology. 30(6):547-558.
Rusch B.D, Abercrombie H.C, Oakes T.R, Schaefer S.M, Davidson R.J.  0.  Hippocampal morphometry in depressed patients and control subjects: relations to anxiety symptoms. Biological Psychiatry. 50(12):960-964.
Hoptman M.J, Davidson R.J.  0.  How and why do the two cerebral hemispheres interact? Psychological Bulletin. 116(2):195-219.
Irwin W., Davidson R.J, Lowe M.J, Mock B.J, Sorenson J.A, Turski P.A.  0.  Human amygdala activation detected with echo-planar functional magnetic resonance imaging. Neuroreport. 7(11):1765-1769.
Davidson R.J.  0.  In vivo kinetics of [F-18]MEFWAY: a comparison with [C-11]WAY100635 and [F-18]MPPF in the nonhuman primate. Synapse (New York, N.Y.). 65(7):592-600.
Tomarken A.J, Davidson R.J, Wheeler R.E, Doss R.C.  0.  Individual differences in anterior brain asymmetry and fundamental dimensions of emotion. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 62(4):676-687.
Kalin N.H, Shelton S.E, Rickman M., Davidson R.J.  0.  Individual differences in freezing and cortisol in infant and mother rhesus monkeys. Behavioral Neuroscience. 112(1):251-254.


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