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Pizzagalli D., Pascual-Marqui R.D, Nitschke J.B, Oakes T.R, Larson C.L, Abercrombie H.C, Schaefer S.M, Koger J.V, Benca R.M, Davidson R.J.  0.  Anterior cingulate activity as a predictor of degree of treatment response in major depression: evidence from brain electrical tomography analysis. The American Journal of Psychiatry. 158(3):405-415.
Oakes T.R, Johnstone T., Walsh K.SOres, Greischar L.L, Alexander A.L, Fox A.S, Davidson R.J.  0.  Comparison of fMRI motion correction software tools. NeuroImage. 28(3):529-543.
Pizzagalli D.A, Oakes T.R, Fox A.S, Chung M.K, Larson C.L, Abercrombie H.C, Schaefer S.M, Benca R.M, Davidson R.J.  0.  Functional but not structural subgenual prefrontal cortex abnormalities in melancholia. Molecular Psychiatry. 9(4):325,393-405.
Rusch B.D, Abercrombie H.C, Oakes T.R, Schaefer S.M, Davidson R.J.  0.  Hippocampal morphometry in depressed patients and control subjects: relations to anxiety symptoms. Biological Psychiatry. 50(12):960-964.
Abercrombie H.C, Schaefer S.M, Larson C.L, Oakes T.R, Lindgren K.A, Holden J.E, Perlman S.B, Turski P.A, Krahn D.D, Benca R.M et al..  0.  Metabolic rate in the right amygdala predicts negative affect in depressed patients. Neuroreport. 9(14):3301-3307.
Fox A.S, Rogers J., Oakes T.R, Shelton S.E, Davidson R.J, Kalin N.H.  0.  Serotonin transporter binding and genotype in the nonhuman primate brain using [C-11]DASB PET. NeuroImage. 47(4):1230-1236.
Kalin N.H, Shelton S.E, Fox A.S, Rogers J., Oakes T.R, Davidson R.J.  0.  The serotonin transporter genotype is associated with intermediate brain phenotypes that depend on the context of eliciting stressor. Molecular Psychiatry. 13(11):1021-1027.
Schaefer S.M, Abercrombie H.C, Lindgren K.A, Larson C.L, Ward R.T, Oakes T.R, Holden J.E, Perlman S.B, Turski P.A, Davidson R.J.  0.  Six-month test-retest reliability of MRI-defined PET measures of regional cerebral glucose metabolic rate in selected subcortical structures. Human Brain Mapping. 10(1):1-9.
Lindgren K.A, Larson C.L, Schaefer S.M, Abercrombie H.C, Ward R.T, Oakes T.R, Holden J.E, Perlman S.B, Benca R.M, Davidson R.J.  0.  Thalamic metabolic rate predicts EEG alpha power in healthy control subjects but not in depressed patients. Biological Psychiatry. 45(8):943-952.