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#32 - Yoga, Meditation and Inspiration For Overcoming Anxiety With Clive Fogelman
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In his late 20's, Clive Fogelman lost both his parents within six months. He was then diagnosed with bowel cancer a few years later.Clive credits both yoga and meditation as significant tools for dealing with his anxiety through this challenging time and says that by using these things as a 'toolkit', everyone can benefit. Whether it's focusing on your breathing while waiting for the kettle to boil, or paying more attention to your surroundings when walking to work, everybody can put a little more mindfulness into their day. We spoke about: - The importance of 'inviting yourself' to connect with your body and how you feel. - Breathing techniques to deal with anxiety and stress instantly. - Bringing yourself back to the present. - How becoming more self-aware can help you deal with everyday emotions. - Taking all experiences (good and bad) and seeing them as something to observe - without judgment or feeling like they're going against you. - The power of the mind and belief. - How to use a mindfulness pause. - Letting the journey present itself, and dealing with whatever is part of it without fear dictating how you feel.