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#74: Holistic Body Positivity & Confronting the Corporate Wellness Industry with Dana Falsetti
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Dana Falsetti is a yoga instructor with a simple but revolutionary idea--yoga should be for everybody. Campaigning for equality, shame disruption, empowerment, sexual freedom and confidence, Dana has gained an online following of more than half a million people. She has traveled worldwide, hosting dozens of workshops for those seeking similar insights, and several of her viral videos have gleaned more than 20 million views. Dana won the 2017 Shorty Award for Health and Wellness on Social Media and had been featured in publications such as Seventeen, Women’s Health, People, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, among others. She has built her own platform where yoga students pay only what they can afford, for a practice that suits their ability status, and where compassion is at the heart of every lesson.Dana’s message really does just boil down to compassion for people of all sizes, all races, all ages, and all ability statuses. The lack of empathy in diet culture and the corporate wellness industry has led to a very visual and commercial understanding of “health.” Dana advocates for a broader, more holistic understanding of health that cannot be determined by your BMI (body mass index). Like many people, Dana dealt with a lot of shame throughout her life. She believed that she had to be a specific weight and reach a certain standard of beauty, to be allowed to thrive in modern society. Five years ago, she found yoga, and it helped pull her out of the insidious grasp of diet culture. While Dana has had her ups and downs during her yoga journey, she has reached a point where existing as herself and living her best life in the body is her highest truth - and she's helping others do the same.