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Achieving Standards in the English Language Arts (and More) Using The RULER Approach to Social and Emotional Learning
Reading & Writing Quarterly
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2011
Pages: 75 - 100
Source ID: shanti-sources-91031
Abstract: This article introduces The RULER Approach ("RULER") to social and emotional learning, with a particular focus on its Feeling Words Curriculum. Through this curriculum, RULER contributes to the ultimate goals of an English language arts education--preparing students to achieve personal, social, and academic goals and to be engaged and contributing citizens. RULER complements the English language arts curriculum and draws on national learning standards to develop language skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and visually representing information. This article describes how RULER simultaneously reinforces student learning in the English language arts and develops 5 critical emotion skills--recognizing, understanding, labeling, expressing, and regulating emotion. (Contains 1 figure, 1 footnote, and 2 tables.)