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Anthropometric and Behavioral Measures Related to Mindfulness in College Students
Journal of American College Health
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2010
Pages: 539 - 545
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Objective: To determine whether mindfulness is associated with physical and behavioral measures in first semester college students. Participants: Male and female first year college students (n = 75) from the University of Rhode Island. Methods: Height, weight, waist circumference (WC), and blood pressure were assessed and online questionnaires were completed. Independent t tests and Pearson correlations were utilized for analysis. Results: The less mindful group had a higher WC than the more mindful group. Correlations were seen between mindfulness and weight-related behaviors. Conclusions: Mindfulness can impact health status of first year college students, particularly with behavioral measures that have been found to effect weight status. However, additional research is needed focusing on mindfulness as a potential weight gain prevention technique for first year college students in order to decrease chronic disease prevalence.