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The assessment of mindfulness skills: the “what” and the “how”
Journal of Mental Health
Short Title: The assessment of mindfulness skills
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2017
Pages: 1 - 8
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Background: The five facets mindfulness questionnaire-short form (FFMQ-SF) is a new, brief measure for the assessment of mindfulness skills in clinical and nonclinical samples. The construct validity of the FFMQ-SF has not been previously assessed in community samples.Aims: The present study investigated the factor structure of the Italian version of the FFMQ-SF.Method: Structured equation modeling was used to test the fit of three alternative models in a sample of highly educated adults (n = 211).Results: A hierarchical model with a single second-order factor loaded by observing, describing, and acting with awareness (i.e. the mindfulness “what” skills) performed slightly better than both a five-factor model with correlated factors and a hierarchical model with a general second-order factor. The FFMQ-SF scores were significantly higher than those reported in both Dutch depressed patients and Australian undergraduate students for all facets (but nonreactivity for the Australian sample).Conclusions: Data support the multifaceted nature of mindfulness skills. Because of its brevity and simplicity of use, the FFMQ-SF is a promising questionnaire in longitudinal and clinical research. This questionnaire can serve as a guideline to help clinicians assess and monitor mindfulness skills acquisition, strengthening, and generalization, and prioritize mindfulness skills that need immediate attention.