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Association of Brief Mindfulness Training With Reductions in Perceived Stress and Distress in Colombian Health Care Professionals
International Journal of Stress Management
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2014
Source ID: shanti-sources-63391
Abstract: This randomized, controlled study was designed to (a) replicate the benefits of mindfulness-based interventions in a community sample of health care employees at La FundaciĆ³n Santa Fe de Bogota in Bogota, Colombia, a new population and geographic area; and (b) examine the efficacy of a 4-week mindfulness intervention. The study design included pre- and postassessments of depression, anxiety, somatization, global symptoms, perceived stress, and 5 facets of mindfulness. The results showed that the group that received mindfulness training reported increases in the mindfulness facets of observing and nonjudging, as well as reduced posttest anxiety, depression, somatization, and perceived stress. Overall, the findings suggest that 4-week mindfulness interventions may be an effective means of reducing stress among health care professionals.