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Becoming a White Foot-Soldier ~ Evolving Into Humanity: The Dangerous Intersections of the Personal, Professional, Political and Spiritual
ICEA Journal: Social Justice, Inner Work & Contemplative Practice
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2017/07//
Pages: 27 - 48
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This essay emanates from a 44-year career in the classroom and in a variety of administrative andfaculty roles throughout the academy.6 It notes my journey of becoming a white footsoldier for multicultural issues in higher education, in alliance with others whose racial identities were diverse, e.g., black, Latina/o, Asian, white, and multiracial. We worked to make our university less racist, less monolithically White, less White-male, and more multiculturally inclusive and equitable in curriculum, pedagogy, policies, and programs. As gender identities, socioeconomic status, sexual orientations, and religious affiliations came increasingly into focus, these intersectionalities were added to our understandings and advocacy. My primary emphasis has been on race.