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Biomimetic functionalization with leukocyte membranes imparts cell like functions to synthetic particles
Nature nanotechnology
Short Title: Nat Nanotechnol
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2013/01//
Pages: 61 - 68
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The therapeutic efficacy of systemic drug delivery vehicles depends on their ability to evade the immune system, cross the biological barriers of the body and localize at target tissues. Leukocytes possess all of these functions and exert their targeting ability through cellular membrane interactions. Here we show that NanoPorous Silicon particles (NPS) can successfully perform all these actions when coated with cellular membranes purified from white blood cells. These hybrid particles called LeukoLike Vectors (LLV) were able to: prevent rapid clearance of phagocytic cells of the immune system; communicate with endothelial cells through receptor-ligand interaction; transport and release a payload across an inflamed reconstructed endothelium. Furthermore, LLV retained their functions when injected in vivo, showing enhanced circulation time and improved accumulation in the tumour.