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Contemplative activities in undergraduate nursing courses
The Journal of Nursing Education
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2017
Pages: 378 - 382
Source ID: shanti-sources-82576
Abstract: BACKGROUND:Affective learning is valued in nursing, but it is often difficult to plan and evaluate learning activities in this domain. Contemplative activities can promote learning and are relatively easy to implement. These activities can promote deep, reflective thinking. METHOD: A variety of contemplative activities were used in undergraduate nursing courses. Students participated in and reflected on a vigil promoting domestic violence awareness. They attended two different art exhibits and related these exhibits to nursing. The students used journals and eportfolios to reflect on the entire nursing program. They participated in breathing exercises and guided imagery meditations. RESULTS: Students evaluated the activities positively, and their reflections were thoughtful. CONCLUSION: Contemplative activities can be useful to develop affective competencies.