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Contemplative Pedagogy: Frequently Asked Questions
Teaching Theology & Religion
Short Title: Contemplative Pedagogy
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2011/04//
Pages: 167 - 174
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Notes: ISSN 1368-4868
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Contemplative Pedagogy is a new and sometimes controversial pedagogical practice. Faculty often have basic questions about how to implement the pedagogy in their classrooms, in addition to questions that challenge the educational value and appropriateness of the practice. Assembled here are the most frequently asked questions about Contemplative Pedagogy, with responses from six contemplative professors, each from a different institutional and philosophical location. The respondents are founding members of the Contemplative Studies Consultation of the American Academy of Religion. The diversity of views expressed by the respondents invites the reader to see that there is no single theory or praxis of contemplative pedagogy.