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Contemplative Practices and Teaching Scitovsky’s The Joyless Economy
The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2016
Pages: 51 - 66
Source ID: shanti-sources-82521
Abstract: In order to make choices that lead to our well-being, we need discernment andunderstanding to determine the conditions that bring about positive outcomes and the awareness to recognize them in order to act in ways that are congruent with our well-being. This is a paper exploring the context of teaching undergraduates to understand the expression of their own desires in markets. In this paper, I will describe an exercise that illustrates the concepts of Tibor Scitovsky’s work on well-being. Students experience the concepts outlined by Scitovsky and come to understand them more deeply through engaging with practices that allow them to directly experience the embedded ideas. In addition, once they see the benefits from closely watching their experience, they become more curious about cultivating attention and begin to inquire more deeply into the nature of their desires and actions.