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Counselors' and Counselor Educators' Practice of Mindfulness: A Qualitative Inquiry
Counseling & Values
Short Title: Counselors' and Counselor Educators' Practice of Mindfulness
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: n.d.
Pages: 40-54
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The Buddhist practice of mindfulness is being used more often both to help clients and to facilitate counselor effectiveness. A growing body of research supports these uses of mindfulness. Most authors also emphasize that those who teach mindfulness must also apply it themselves. However, little is known about how counselors and counselor educators incorporate mindfulness into their personal and professional lives. The current study used semistructured interviews to elicit such information from 6 counselors and counselor educators. A constant comparative method was used to analyze the data and synthesize themes. Emergent themes included practices used to cultivate mindfulness and the results of mindfulness practices.