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Daily stress and the benefits of mindfulness: Examining the daily and longitudinal relations between present-moment awareness and stress responses
Journal of Research in Personality
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2015
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Theories of mindfulness claim that a state of present-moment awareness enhances self-regulation in the presence of negative emotion. However, very little research has tested this claim in relation to daily stressors. This paper examined whether present-moment awareness during daily stressful events predicted enhanced responding to (a) the same day’s event, (b) a stressful event on the subsequent day and (c) stressful events on average, among a sample of adults (N = 143) over 20 days. We found support for these predictions, controlling for negative affect and stress-related appraisals. These novel findings extend the personality literature by showing that present-moment awareness facilitates adaptive stress-responses, independent of an individual’s affective state and the severity of threat experienced.