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Effect of a DanJeon Breathing Exercise Program on the Quality of Life in Patients With Kidney Transplants
Transplantation Proceedings
Short Title: Transplantation Proceedings
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2008/09//
Pages: 2324 - 2326
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This quasi-experimental study attempted to show that nursing intervention using the DanJeon Breathing Exercise Program (DJBEP) improved the quality of life of recipients after kidney transplantation. DJBEP progressed in three steps. We prospectively included 29 outpatient volunteers: experimental group: n ϭ 15; control group: n ϭ 14. DJBEP derived from the Roy’s adaptation model decreased both the stress and the uncertainty of kidney transplantation recipients. It has also been shown to restore serum cholesterol and serum creatinine levels and enhance strength and flexibility. Simultaneously, self-esteem was enhanced, and eventually adaptation was promoted both physiologically and psychologically. The quality of life of kidney transplantation recipients was enhanced. DJBEP played an effective role as a nursing intervention to promote the quality of life of kidney transplant patients by increasing their physiological and psychological status.