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The Effect of Korean Version of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program on Stress and Distraction of University Students
Korean Journal of Stress Research
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2014
Pages: 231 - 240
Source ID: shanti-sources-108081
Abstract: The purpose of this research was to investigate the effect of K-MBSR on distraction by stress. Subjects were 13 male and female college student. K-MBSR practiced in 6 students and they were practiced for 8 weeks. The control group were 7 students. All the subjects had pre-test and post-test with PSS, KIMS and ANT. In the results of PSS there was significant interaction effect between time (pre-post) and groups. The meditation group showed a lower level than control group in post. In the results of KIMS there was difference between groups in a subscale, description and interaction effect between time (pre-post) and groups a long with difference in groups and time in subscale, attention. The meditation group showed higher level of attention than control group in post. In ANT results there was interaction effect between groups and time in error numbers. The meditation group showed lower errors than control group and higher performance in receptive attention. The implication for this results were discussed in the final section. (Korean J Str Res 2014;22:231∼240)