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An Evaluation of the Social Emotional Health Survey--Secondary for Use with Students with Learning Disabilities
Psychology in the Schools
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2019
Pages: 433 - 446
Source ID: shanti-sources-90166
Abstract: Students with learning disabilities (LD) represent a vulnerable population and are at higher risk for social and emotional challenges compared to their peers without LD. A strengths-based orientation is recommended to encourage building resilience factors to counteract the negative effects of LD over the lifespan. To identify areas of strength and areas for growth, measurement tools that are appropriate for the population of students with LD are needed. This study examined the psychometric properties of the Social Emotional Health Survey--Secondary for use with students with LD. Data from students in three secondary schools (n = 2,847) were used to confirm the factor structure, establish measurement invariance, and compare the social--emotional profiles of students with and without LD. The LD group was found to report lower overall social--emotional strengths than those of their non-LD peers. Implications for practitioners and researchers are discussed.