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Fostering Self-Regulation Through Curriculum Infusion of Mindful Yoga: A Pilot Study of Efficacy and Feasibility.
Journal of Child and Family Studies
Short Title: Journal of Child and Family Studies
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2014
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This study examined feasibility and efficacy of curriculum infusion of mindful yoga to foster self-regulation in support of academic performance and health promotion among emerging adolescents. Mindful yoga practices were integrated into 6th grade English Language Arts curricula (n = 72 students) while another cohort of students (n = 70) served as the active control group. To assess the impact of infused mindful yoga practices, self-regulation was measured using the Adolescent Self-Regulatory Inventory. Data were collected at three time-points across the year. Students who engaged in mindful yoga demonstrated significant increases in both global and long-term self-regulation compared to the control cohort; however there were no significant changes in short-term self-regulation. Implications for integrating mindful practices into middle school curriculum are discussed with recommendations for future research.