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Funding Your Bliss: Mindfulness Startups Scale Up
Format: Magazine Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2016
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Collection: Meditation Apps
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The connected life is not necessarily the good life. Too often, it seems like we are squandering our time checking devices, losing touch with fellow humans and cultivating bad habits in the pursuit of instant gratification.If only an app could fix that. Preferably, it’d be one we could use all day long and did not require interacting with humans. It’d be nice to download in a couple of minutes, too. Welcome to the world of mindfulness and wellness apps. In the past year or so, investors have backed more than 20 startups developing apps and tools aimed at promoting mindfulness, happiness and other desirable mental states. To date, these companies have raised more than $150 million, according to Crunchbase data. Several of the largest rounds have been in recent months, with the vast majority of funding going to California-based startups. This article demonstrates the financial expansion behind the wellness industry and the role that mindfulness meditation plays its growth.