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To Have and to Savor: Examining the Associations Between Savoring and Relationship Satisfaction
Couple and Family Psychology-Research and Practice
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2019
Pages: 1 - 9
Source ID: shanti-sources-109156
Abstract: Savoring, or one's tendency to attend to and enjoy previous, current, and future positive events, is composed of 3 facets: savoring in anticipation. savoring the present moment. and savoring in reminiscence. Whereas research is now accumulating on potential benefits that savoring may have for a variety of individual indicators of well-being. it remains unclear whether savoring may also be relevant to relational well-being. The present investigation seeks to address this gap in the literature by establishing whether savoring is associated with relationship satisfaction. and if so. which facet(s) of savoring are the strongest predictors of relationship satisfaction. Data were collected from 122 undergraduates from a southeastern university currently participating in monogamous dating relationships. Analyses revealed that total savoring as well as each facet of savoring, namely, anticipation, present moment, and reminiscence, were positively related to relationship satisfaction. A subsequent simultaneous multiple regression analysis indicated that anticipation uniquely predicted relationship satisfaction, above and beyond reminiscence and present moment facets of savoring. Overall, it appears that attending to and enjoying positive events is associated with a happier relationship. Furthermore, these data suggest that anticipation may be a component of savoring that is particularly relevant to relationship satisfaction. Results are discussed in the context of optimizing relational well-being.